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Beijing China is the capital of the People's Republic of China and the country's political, economic, and cultural and transportation center as well as a famous historic city. The city is geographically located in the northwest part of the North China Plain, and occupying an area of 16,800square km. Beijing is the second largest city in China with a population of more than 11 million. Moreover it enjoys the status of being an international exchange center. Beijing china is an ancient city with a long cultural history. And is the reason for being the most concentrated place of the country's scenic spots and historical sites. The city’s, best known attractions are the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven.

History of Beijing china is long and illustrious history beginning around 500,000 years ago. This is the place where the ancestors of modern Homo sapiens, Peking men, lived in caves. Records prove that Beijing has been occupied for more than three thousand years and has suffered invasions by warlords and foreign powers, destructive fires, the rise and fall of powerful imperial dynasties and has emerged each time as a strong and vibrant city. For more than 800 years, Beijing in the History of Beijing china has been a capital city - from the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368) to the Ming (1368 - 1644) and Qing (1644 - 1911) dynasties. Thirty-four emperors have lived and ruled the nation in Beijing and it has been an important trading city from its earliest days.

Beijing china is famed world wide for its cuisine. Hotpot and imperial cuisine are also typical flavors of Beijing. Beijing china restaurant offer with a choice of the eight famous cuisines of China, as well as American, French, Italian, Indian, Korean, Vegetarian restaurants are all easily found. No one can find anywhere else on earth such a variety of gourmet Chinese restaurants offering the very best of Chinese cuisine as well as western style dishes. Most Beijing china restaurant generally do not charge service fee, but some high-standard restaurants will charge ten or fifteen percent extra fees for service in the bill.

The capital city holds nighttime surprises for its visitors. These can vary from traditional performances such as the Beijing Opera, acrobatics and martial arts to modern ones including concerts, ballroom dancing, pubs and clubs. Each and every one has its individual charm for the tourist. One will encounter smiling faces and a warm welcome by the people everywhere. Beijing china endeavor’s to develop itself into a modern international metropolis. The city has been nominated as the 2008 Olympic host country, and it is the city with great potential and is fast developing as the future tourism center of the world. Each and every aspect adds up to truly make ones’ visit a cultural experience of a lifetime.

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