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Chongqing China

Chongqing china is located in the southeastern part of the Sichuan Basin, at the conjunction of Changjiang and Jialing rivers. The city is the largest industrial and commercial city and a metropolis. The city is called Yu for short, and this city was established some 3,000 years ago. Chongqing china is popularly known as the "Mountain City", as it has been built on the mountain slopes and along the riversides.

The city has a long history along with numerous scenic spots and historical sites. It's popular in particular for gardens with their unique beauty. Every year from May through June, the International Travel Festival is held in Chongqing.

Chongqing tourism acts as a major port for the region for the upper Yangzi River and is gateway to the famous “Three Gorges”. Chongqing china now comprises most of the former eastern Sichuan Province, and inhabits around of 30 million. It is a major center of iron and steel production, motorcycle manufacturing and shipbuilding, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical production. Chongqing attracts visitors from home and abroad for its cultural heritage and other tourist attractions. Tourist attractions make Chongqing an important center for tourism despite the scarcity of notable sights within the city. Some of the attractions include Dazu Rock Carvings which are valuable works of art carved during the Ninth Century, Gold Buddhist Mountain- a rich repository of diverse animals and plants; and Fishing Town, one of three ancient battlefields in China. Then the Ancient Ci Qi Kou village attracts tourists to hang on in its streets to buy handicraft souvenirs.

Chongqing tourism is famous for its hot Sichuan cuisine and world-famous hotpot dishes. Street vendors as well as restaurants feature exciting spicy delicacies for the food lovers. Efforts are being made to turn Chongqing china into a modern metropolis with the largest foreign market oriented industrial base in West China.

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