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Great Wild Goose Pagoda

great wild goose pagodaGreat Wild Goose Pagoda is regarded as the masterpiece excelling the Nature. Since Monk Xuanzang fetched the sutra, the legend has been told all over the capital.

Great Wild Goose Pagoda spires loftily in the Daci'en Temple. The temple is in the south suburb of Xi'an, the ancient capital. After Rabbi Xuanzang, the heir arch of the Tang Dynasty, fetched the sutra from India, where Buddhism originated, having experienced a lot of adversity and dangers, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty welcomed him ceremoniously, and let him preside in the newly built Daci'en Temple.

In 652 A.D. (the 3rd year of Yonghui Period), Rabbi Xuanzang presented a memorial to the emperor to build the grand Dayan Tower for storing up the sutra. It's the sanctum for Rabbi Xuanzang to translate and explain the sutra of Buddhism, also the place where Number One Scholars, Jinshi and Juren of the past dynasties superscripted, and where longhairs and artists wrote poems and drew pictures. Poets of the Tang Dynasty, such as Dufu, Censen, baijuyi etc., all stepped on the tower and expressed their feelings, leaving countless peaks of the poetic perfection, especially the supernatural tales like "Xi You Ji" (means a westward journey) for the later generations to appreciate.

Mounting the grand Dayan Tower, looking into the distance while leaning on the handrail, you can see the whole ancient city of too many beautiful things, which makes you relaxed, happy and reluctant to leave.

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