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Tomb of Hairui

tomb of hairuiThe Tomb of Hairui can be found in the west of the Haikou town. Hairui was a compassionate and popular officer who lived during the Ming Dynasty. He is famous for his righteousness and royalty. Later he was being persecuted and was out of the emperor's favor and was exiled to Hainan Island.

After his death, those people who admire his good works build a tomb for him. It was said that during Hairui's funeral possession, while his coffin is been carried and was passing the village, the rope suddenly broke, it was claimed that it was Hairui own chosen burial ground.

So the people decided to build Harui's tomb on the particular spot. At the entrance to the tomb is a stone archway with scarlet inscriptions says "Yuedong ZhengQi." A stone tablet with Hairui's title inscripted on it was erected on the tomb. Ancient trees such as coconut trees, casuarinas, and cypresses are planted around the area and a museum nearby exhibits the biography of Hairui's life and some materials concerning him.

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