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Haikou China

Haikou China, the capital of Hainan Province, is located on the southern bank of the Qiongzhou Strait, facing the mainland's Leizhou Peninsula. It is an ancient city. Visitors to the city can expect pleasant conditions and clear skies most of the year. Haikou enjoys a diverse and colorful blend of traditional folk customs and modern Chinese and western culture. Visitors exploring the crowded streets are sure to hear Chinese opera; traditional folk songs and western pop music and experience an equally diverse blend of sights and festival celebrations.


Dongjiao (Dongjia Yelin) coconut plantation has 500,000-coconut trees of various varieties of coconut species. You will find it cozy and relaxing. Elegant log huts are built under the shady trees for tourist to rest. Beach resorts with deluxe chalets and villas is being developed this area. The restaurants are well known for their seafood cuisine.

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The Tomb of Hairui can be found in the west of the Haikou town. The place has the tomb of Hairui who was a compassionate and popular officer who lived during the Ming Dynasty. So the people decided to build Harui's tomb on the particular spot. At the entrance to the tomb is a stone archway with scarlet inscriptions says "Yuedong ZhengQi." A stone tablet with Hairui's title inscripted on it was erected on the tomb.

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Wugong Temples is a complex of five traditional temples and halls. The buildings were built during the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty to commemorate the five well-known officials of the Tang and Song dynasties. The five temples forming the whole complex are the Wugong Temple, Songgong Temple, Guanjia Temple, Xuepu Temple, Wugong Jingshe and the Qiong Garden.

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