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Shopping in China

During shopping in china tourists will come across many exotic and unusual things to buy in China which would make wonderful souvenirs and gifts for relatives and friends back home. When you do shopping in china keep in mind the products are priced in three ways. First, fixed prices by the state; second, regulatory prices by the state; and third, market prices. And most of the tourist goods fall under the third category of market prices. Therefore, you may pay visit to several shops to get the best price.

Tourists are advised to be cautious while shopping in china, as like many other countries, the country is plagued by inferior and imitated products, especially on street stands. The tourists should shop accompanied by local guides. The big department stores and tourist stores selected by the government are better apt to have better credibility. For shoppers there is an unbelievable choice of boutique shops, department stores, and hotel shopping arcades to shop. For bargain hunters there is good news as new “free markets” which have sprung all over the country, one can try one’s hand in bargaining. Be ready to be astonished by the unique array of artistic and practical gifts available in China. When shopping in china one can find everything from high quality silks and porcelains to antique screens and traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

Throughout China shops offer unique ceramics, paintings, stone rubbings, embroideries, carpets, furniture, jade carvings, custom-carved signature chops, antiques, books, and much more.
In large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, there are big department stores with four or five floors, selling a wide range of products. The best shopping is in local factories, shops and hotels specializing in the sale of handicrafts. Arts and crafts department stores offer local handicrafts. Special purchases include jade jewelry, embroidery, calligraphy, paintings and carvings in wood, stone and bamboo. Shop personnel often pack and arrange shipping for bulky items. It is advisable to keep receipts, as visitors may be asked to produce them at Customs prior to departure.

Shopping Tips

  • Do not buy any antiques that date before 1795, which are all cannot be legally exported.
  • Make sure that the antiques you bought carry a wax seal indicating that it is authentic and is able to be exported from China.
  • Keep all purchase receipts, especially that of Chinese medicine herbs, antiques, gold and silver articles, jade ware and etc. They would be asked to produce by customs when leaving China.
  • Do not buy those articles made form rare wild animals. All the contraband articles would be confiscate without compensation.
  • Examine items carefully before buying them.

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