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Huishan Clay Sculpture Factory

huishan clay sculpture factoryHuishan clay figurines made in Wuxi are one of the well-known folk arts in China. It is said that Huishan clay figurines have a history of over 400 years. The little clay figures are not only very cute and colorful, but also full of cultural connotations in them.

"Da A Fu" is probably the most famous figure, which usually appears as a plump boy holding a green lion or a fish, symbolizing for prosperity and luck. Children are one of the main themes of the figures. Like "Da A Fu", the typical children figures have large heads and smiling faces. Another popular theme is "Lao Shou Xing" or the Old Man of Longevity.

There are mainly two types of the figurines, one molded and the other made by hand. The molded clay figures are relatively coarse and good as toys for kids. The hand-made figures are more delicate, creative and vivid, having a variety of characters that are largely based on traditional Chinese operas and the rich Chinese culture.

You may visit the Huishan Clay Sculpture Factory in Wuxi, if you have a chance to be there. It will be interesting to learn how the clay figurines are made and to learn more about this folk art.

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