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Wuxi Attractions

Located within Jiangsu's southern flatlands, Wuxi perches close to the northeastern shore of the picturesque Tai Lake. Covering 4,650 square kilometers and with a population of 4 million the city is one of the region's most important industrial centers. A number of budget hotels in Wuxi make your stay luxurious and comfortable. Wuxi is famous for the production of clay figurines, and for hand-woven silk. The former can be purchased at antique stores, and the latter can be bought at silk-reeling and weaving factories.


The interesting colored figurines made at the Huishan Clay Sculpture Factory are a specialty of Wuxi. These cute clay figures have been made for over 400 years and are very popular in China and with tourists. There are mainly two types of the figurines, one molded and the other made by hand. The molded clay figures are relatively coarse and good as toys for kids.

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Li Garden is in southwest Wuxi, and is surrounded by the Wuli Lake on 3 sides. It is a mix of rock formations and greenery, a lot of which is man made. The park is especially popular in the spring when the plum blossoms are in bloom. Liyuan Garden is surrounded by water on three sides. Its central part is covered with winding paths and rocks in myriad shapes with numerous twists and turns, resembling multi-color clouds hovering overhead.

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Covering an area of over 2,250 meters, Taihu Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in China. The lake connects Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces but it is said that the northern shore in Wuxi is the most splendid. Nowadays many more attractions have been added by a number of elaborately designed architectures with classic Chinese traditional styles. With so many wonders and marvels, the place has become a fairyland.

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Turtle Head Island is a small peninsula that is shaped like a turtle’s head and protrudes into Taihu Lake. This is a great location to admire the beauty of the lake and can be reached by a small arched bridge. Scenic spots on the islet include the Changchun Bridge, a lighthouse, the Chenglan Hall, Feiyun Pavilion, the Guangfu Temple, Guangming Kiosk, the Wanlang Bridge, and Langyuan and Luding Hills.

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