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Liyuan Garden

liyuan gardenLocated 2.5 kilometers to the southwest of Wuxi City in Liangsu Province, formerly Fanli's residence and back garden, Liyuan Garden is one of the famous gardens for lake scenery in South China since the 40% of the garden is covered with water. The garden is on the shores of Taihu Lake, actually a spread of artificial bridges and pagodas dotted around small fishponds. It consists of two parts, the original Liyuan Garden and Yuzhuang Garden.

Liyuan Garden is surrounded by water on three sides. Its central part is covered with winding paths and rocks in myriad shapes with numerous twists and turns, resembling multi-color clouds hovering overhead. Its eastern part is graced with a thousand-step-long corridor, which serpentines along the zigzag lake shore on one side and on the other side, a wall aligned with 89 window openings latticed with different designs and patterns cherishing the characteristics of architectural arts of the Chinese nation. Along the way are inscriptions of ancient calligraphers.

Yuzhuang Garden dominates its western part. Main buildings include the hill house of hundred flowers and four pavilions surrounded with flower plants symbolizing the four seasons.

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