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Kunming Attractions

Kunming, which is situated in central Yunnan and north of the Dianchi Basin, is skirted on three sides by mountains, with one side opening onto the Dianchi Lake. The city is nicknamed "City of Spring" due to the fact that it is covered all the year round with the rich verdure of trees and plants. Endowed with a pleasant climate, the city's 15,000 square kilometers of land is adorned with more than 400 kinds of flowers. The city's highland scenery is alluring, and its karst landform is bewitching. Its people are known for their varied and exotic habits and customs, and its land is pockmarked with historical artifacts, places of cultural interest, and gardens landscaped with a picturesque taste.


Black Dragon Pool is situated at the foot of Longquan Hill in the northern outskirts of Kunming, 17 kilometers from the downtown area. Surrounded by towering old trees and bamboo groves, the pool has never dried out even in the years of drought. The pool is divided into two parts by a bridge, and although the water is connected, the two sides are different colors and the fish in either side never swim to the opposite part of the pool.

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Dianchi Lake also known as Kunming Lake lies at the foot of Xishan Hills. Daguan Park located 7 kilometers west of Kunming is known for its longest antithetical couplet in China. Sailing on the lake, with the boat swaying gently on a vast expanse of liquid silver, proves to be a most enchanting experience.

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It is located 7 kilometers from the city proper on Mingfeng Hill in the northern suburbs of Kunming. The beautiful walk up the stairs to the temple helps you to leave your mundane cares behind you. Behind the Golden Temple, there is a three-story-high Bell Tower that was built in 1984 to house a large, 580-year-old copper bell, which is three point five meters high and weighs an incredible 14 tons.

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Stone Forest is known as the “First Wonder of the World" for its natural landscape. It is 86 kilometers southeast of Kunming with a high-grade road extending to the entrance. Animals, plants, and even human figures can be found here. Some are elegant, some are rugged, and each is lifelike with its own distinguishing characteristics.

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